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Narrative in Professional Contexts - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 822 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? The narrative is about a soldier on the battle field. The soldier is in Iraq with his rifle as he reads an article that well defines the emotional stress that can spike adrenaline and stun your heart. This, of course, can cause quick death if it happens to someone. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Narrative in Professional Contexts" essay for you Create order Among the other ways that one can die in the battle field, the soldier learned that this was one of the ways that one could die. These other ways according to the solder are; through a bullet, through beheading and through bomb which is actually the main way that most people in the battle field die through. The author says that as they walk around or drive around the battle field they all wait for death but luck runs along for his survival. The author has been hit once by the bomb, but it was shoddy hence the impact was not rampant.   The bombs are usually hidden in dead dogs and donkeys; they are also hidden in garbage sites this keeps the soldier in wonder every moment as they pass in their car during a patrol on the site that has the hidden bombs. During the thanks giving, the author and his unit were assigned the duty to clear a certain intersection for the arrival of one of the commanders from their company. As they patrol they come across a creator that had been formed by an exploded bomb that saw a few soldiers injured. They also discover a garbage correction that was not exciting a few days ago. They approach the waste and realizes that there was a bomb. The invite of the bomb squad and they explode the bomb. They talk about what would have happened if they did not realize the bomb (Mockenhaupt, 2006). I highly agree with this article on the information given by the author about the experience in the battle field. To be honest, it is too much that the soldiers go through on the battle field that most of them risk their lives. They experience the opposition or the enemy with all their munitions of any kinds. Especially in Iraq where the war involved all the techniques from the enemy. It is true to say that they were to experience any death that the enemy prepares to execute. There is the most common method as the author has outlined that it is the major way to die in the battle field, which is booming. Suicide bombers prepare themselves and mostly finds people and even the soldiers unprepared killing many people and injuring others. Hidden bombs are also a big challenge to them; this is because there are very many situations that they may not realize the existence of the bombs. To me when the author says that they work waiting for that bomb that may explode only that luck is by thei r side, I say its right. This means that every day, they stay prepared for the worst. The impact at which the bombs explodes, it is true to say that they heavily cause damage and if anyone is within the range of the explosion of the bomb, becomes a victim. It is very likely that the bombs can easily kill if someone is close to the bomb site. Fear and tension run through the minds of the people that are involved in the battle field. This is because they know very well that anything of any kind may happen because they are not safe. Being in the foreign land fighting the resident criminals, makes the soldiers be at high risk in that the enemy knows the terrain better and therefore can easily hide and strike. This leaves the soldier with tension and always on the lookout for that kind of situation. It may seem easy to assume that there is no fear in the military officers but they fear for their lives which are always at risk in the battle field. I, therefore, agree with the author for saying that every day they wonder if the bomb will explode on them. Making it through the day without experiencing the challenges of war, like being a victim of the bomb makes the soldiers spend some time talking about the day that they had and the crazy things that were during the day. This can be a good way that they use to relieve their tension. Careless group and those who do not take careful observations in their way during patrol can easily fall into the traps, and this can cause many deaths and injuries to the entire group. In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the sacrifice that the military group offers for the protection of the nation. In fact, without them there is little peace or even no peace at all there is little peace or even no peace at all. With their help, there is a better place to stay making life to be better.

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Savoury Ice Cream Pr Brief - 3268 Words

Opening statement We are the Skyline consultancy and the Savoury Ice Cream campaign is designed and planned by:....... Our client is Bill and Joey’s (â€Å"BJ†), a newly formed British company who are planning to produce a savoury ice cream product for the UK market. Executive summary The skyline consultancy has been asked to plan a campaign for the BJ Company which will be launching a range of savoury ice cream in the UK. We will carry out market analysis which identifies the target market, followed by the communications strategy and target market objectives. The budget allocated is  £ 50,000 for a national PR campaign. Skyline background Skyline is a marketing consultancy and Public Relation (PR) Agency. Skyline was†¦show more content†¦Political factors The political factors to consider are firstly the Food Standards Agency, who is responsible for the health and hygiene for all food which are produced within Britain. Changes in legislation are another political aspect we need to recognise which may affect our business. The coalition government amended the equal opportunity act this year, as well as introducing further changes in corporation tax amongst other measures which BJ will have to monitor. Economical factors The increase in VAT to 20% is a major issue for our concept, as it results increases in cost of goods. This is due to the coalition’ government’s policies of reducing Britain’s budget deficit, causing reduction in disposable incomes as wages stagnate. (Finch, 2010) This will fuel higher inflation which at 3%, is above the 2% target, fuelling higher costs for basic goods. Furthermore unemployment averaging 7% is an important issue to take into consideration for our business. The consequences of unemployment results with consumers struggling with daily expenses, therefore unable to purchase premium goods. Social factors In relation to social factors this table see appendix 3, emphasises the culture of UK lifestyles with consumers admitting that due to busy lifestyles they have neglected their health. In relation to the long working hours within Britain, A large amount of people admit to consume food without checking nutritional content, fuelling obesity. ConsequentlyShow MoreRelatedSwot Analysis25582 Words   |  103 Pagesinternal marketing strategies of Dick Smith Foods, which contributed to the success of the new business in such a short period of time. In fact, Dick Smith is not just a person; his name is a brand name to many Australians. This case starts with a brief look at Dick Smith’s life. †¢ Born on 18 March 1944 in Roseville, New South Wales, Australia. †¢ Founded Dick Smith Electronics in 1968 and sold his interests to Woolworths in 1982 to go into publishing, exploration, aviation and philanthropy. †¢ Named

Scope Case Study Free Essays

STRATEGIC MARKETING Mid-Semester Exam Spring, 2009 Name: Erika Woodhouse 1. Evaluate the changes that have occurred in the Canadian mouthwash market in the past three years and their impact of Scope. Be specific. We will write a custom essay sample on Scope Case Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now (20) In 1987 the growth rate for the mouthwash market experienced a 26 percent increase due to the introduction of new flavors. Brands were adding unique customization to attract consumers to their brand, and as a result the market as a whole grew. Since then the growth rate has declined to a level of 5 percent. 2. Management believes that the status quo is the best strategy. The team has been asked to make the case for and against this position, including in their discussion an evaluation of the positions of all or almost all members of the team. (20) a. _ Status quo_ b. _ Against status quo_ Scope should take action anddo something to compete with Plax and Listerine’s new claims. Proctor Gamble states in their statement of purpose and strategy, â€Å"We will continuously stay ahead of competition while aggressively defending our established profitable business against major competitive challenges despite short term profit consequences. Therefore doing nothing is simple not an option. The market had an increase of 5 percent last year, while Scope suffered from a . 7 percent loss. Plax as a new competitor to the marked was able to achieve a 10 percent market share in over only three years, and will continue to grow and could take from our share if nothing is done. If we created a ‘better tasking pre-brush rinse’ we can also compare t his to Scope when entered the market. Scope had all the same attributes of Listerine but offered a better taste, and was able to penetrate the market and be successful with a 12 percent market share in one year. 3. Management has wondered what impact the line extension strategy (using the Scope name) would have on overall profits of the Division if the price were held constant and if the price were increased 10 percent, assuming current volume. Accounting has provided the following information to assist in your analysis: Current variable cost: 20. 2/unit Variable cost likely increase with the line extension: 13% Total fixed cost: $2. 5 million + advertising, promotion, and general office costs. Scope should not introduce a line extension to compete. A line extension with the scope name would be likely to confuse its current customers. Also if the product fails it could reflect poorly on Scope. They also don’t have the ability to make a superior product; therefore they could hurt the brand image of providing qualit y and value. How to cite Scope Case Study, Free Case study samples

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Compare William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada Essay Example

Compare William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada Essay As pre-First World War literary pieces, Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Newbolts Vitai Lampada share similar thematic threads, for example in the allusions to the ideals of honour and obligation, evident in the reference to gallant, patient hearts and the personification of Honour as a name , in a contextual establishment where the majority of the upper class to whom the poetic form of communication appealed most specifically to lived behind an intricately fabricated faà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ade of religious morality. Moreover, both poems also exhibit an emphasis on structure and rhythm, and while Newbolt opts for the effective poetic form of 8-line stanzas in a tight, regular structure, Thackeray utilises an ordered 4-line stanza structure with 8-syllable lines to maintain a constant rhythmic pace. There is also a prominence of rhyme with both poets employing the ABAB rhyme scheme, and the rhythmic structure explicit most especially in The Due of the Dead provides an emphasis on the last words of each line, thereby complementing the poems aural quality. Thackeray presents the central message of The Due of the Dead effectively through the division of the poem into four distinct sections from the safe, interior home environment with curtains drawn, and lamp trimmed bright in lines 1-4, through the heart-rending bombardment of the atrocities and horrors of war in lines 5-8 and the references to courage and honour in lines 9-12, to the culminant address to his readers sense of obligation to these brave men who have met a soldiers doom, in the final verses. Newbolts original setting in the first stanza Vitai Lampada is also one of relative safety and security in a bumping pitch where the only tension or apprehension is the breathless hush of the spectators, and the solitary danger is that of failing to win a cricket match. In similarity to The Due of the Dead, however, as the poem progresses there is a sharp shift to battle imagery as the reader is enlightened to the harsh reality of a war which has caused the sand of the desert to becom e sodden red . We will write a custom essay sample on Compare William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Compare William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Compare William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer It is apparent, conversely, that Newbolts primary message differs largely from Thackerays: while the latter seeks to justify and augment our sense of obligation to dead soldiers, their families, and those they loved best while they were here, the former seemingly promotes the sense of blind patriotism and jingoism that ironically plagued an indoctrinated English public during the initial stages of the First World War. In retrospect, the motivational voice of a schoolboy that rallies the ranks in the face of a river of death clearly contains a hollow dimension, and Newbolts implications can quickly be dismissed as a propagandist viewpoint; however the poignant and persuasive nature of the poets message to its target audience must not be underestimated. The use of language and literary techniques in both poems is vital in assessing their effectiveness. In The Due of the Dead, Thackeray addresses the reader directly in the quotation, Think you, it is enough, good friendand there an end?, in order to impose upon them the significance of his subject matter. There is also a pause created before the response to the aforementioned question by the transition to a new stanza, and this acts to allow the reader to dwell more on the implication of the question before its answer is delivered on unequivocal terms No. The poet goes further to create an atmosphere of tragedy and pathos by the presentation of the damage caused by the soldiers death in a list form Parents made childless, babes bereft/Desolate widows, sisters with the use of alliteration focusing attention especially on the damage dealt upon beings of utmost innocence. Newbolts Vitai Lampada displays an extended metaphorical comparison of sport (in this case, cricket) to the game of war an association that is characteristic not only of contemporary war literature, but is later witnessed in full force during the course of the First World War. The use of repetition in the final line of each stanza, Play up! play up! and play the game!, strengthens this extended metaphor and acts to reinforce the poets propagandist thesis, as well as supplementing the idea of continuity that can be inferred from the poems title. There is also a large degree of similarity in the imagery used by both poems. Most prominently, the image of blood and death is present in references to battle, and both poets utilise this in the conveyance of the harsh veracity of war. Perhaps less apparent, however, is the common use of laurel imagery, and the implications entailed by this in both poems. Firstly, this image provides a subtle reference to Greek history appropriate most especially in Vitai Lampada, where the passing on of the torch is symptomatic of the Olympic relay that acts to confirm the upper-class, highly educated target audience to whom both poems are addressed. Additionally, it is notable that this image is connected with death, as well as victory. In The Due of the Dead, Thackeray refers to the heroism and honour of the soldiers by whom the laurels worn in stanza 9, but then goes on to mention the laurel in association with tombs in stanza 13; this linkage of victory and death, complemented by a grave and sombre poetic tone, is evident not only in both poems, but is again characteristic of later early-war poetry. Both poems also employ the use of personification, particularly in their portrayal of England: Thackerays England is the communion of readers to which his poem is targeted, whereas Newbolt connects England to the cricket game, attributing it with the associated sense of security that is distant in the dust and smoke of war Englands far. In both cases the personification promotes the readers sense of pride and patriotism, however while Thackeray manipulates this into an appeal to our sense of duty to the relatives and loved ones of Englands slain soldiers, Newbolt injects accentuation into a paradoxical situation where, albeit the contrast between the safety of England and the horror of war is clearly evident, there is an mordant dimension of parallel in the transference of the torch in flame representative both of duty and pride to the host behind. In conclusion, therefore, while William Makepeace Thackerays The Due of the Dead and Sir Henry Newbolts Vitai Lampada express differing notions, both poems share a great deal of typicality with respect to context, in the presentations of their respective thesis.

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Childhood Safety essays

Childhood Safety essays The operating system , also referred to as the OS, is the most important software on the computer. It is responsible for providing an interface with the hardware, displaying an interface for users to work with, and acting as a base for other software programs to be run on. Without an operating system, a computer would be nearly useless .When a computer first starts, the BIOS (Basic Input Output System is the first thing to load. This BIOS performs several basic tasks, before looking for the Operating System to load. It can be booted from any source - such as a floppy disk or CD-ROM - but it is more commonly found to be on the computers hard drive.Once the Operating System has been located, the kernel of the operating system is usually loaded. The kernel is the core of the operating system and it handles the majority of low-level activities, such as controlling hardware through specific written software known as drivers. The kernel then loads further parts of the operating system as necessary. This includes the user interface (or shell) so that the user can interact with the computer.The shell will usually provide the user with a platform from which they can navigate file systems, run utilities and run applications software. There are four basic types of Operating System: - Batch, Real Time, Interactive, Network Batch systems were the first in existence and can still be found on some mainframes today running batches of jobs. Examples can often be hard to think of, but tasks such as processing tax demands have always been best suited to batch Real Time operating systems need to have a quick response so that data processing can be kept up-to-date and accurate - this if often used in situations such as air flight booking, or it could be embedded in something as precise as a missile. When an operating system relies on a lot of input from the ...

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How Weather Affects Fall Colors

How Weather Affects Fall Colors Nothing says autumn quite like a lazy drive through the countryside with the sun illuminating oranges, reds, and yellows in the treetops. But before planning a day of leaf-peeping, its a good idea to check local and regional weather forecasts- and not simply for travel weather purposes. Weather conditions such as temperature, precipitation, and amount of sunlight, actually determine how vibrant (or not) fall colors will be. Leaf Pigment Leaves have a functional purpose for trees: They produce energy for the entire plant. Their broad shape makes them good for capturing sunlight. Once absorbed, the sunlight interacts with carbon dioxide and water within the leaf to produce sugars and oxygen in a process known as photosynthesis. The plant molecule responsible for this process is called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is responsible for giving a leaf its trademark green color. But chlorophyll isnt the only pigment residing within leaves. Yellow and orange pigments (xanthophylls and carotenoids) are also present; these remain hidden for most of the year because chlorophyll masks them. Chlorophyll is continually depleted by sunlight and is replenished by the leaf through the growing season. Only when chlorophyll levels subside do the other pigments  become visible. Why Leaves Change Color While a number of factors (including weather) influence the brilliance of leaf color, only one event is responsible for  triggering  the decline of chlorophyll:  the shorter daylight and longer overnight hours associated with the change in season from summer to fall. Plants depend on light for energy, but the amount they get changes through the seasons. Beginning on the summer solstice, Earths daylight hours gradually decrease and its nighttime hours gradually increase. This trend continues until the shortest day and longest night is reached on December 21 or 22 each year (the winter solstice). As the nights progressively lengthen and cool, a trees cells begin the process of sealing off its leaves in preparation for winter. During winter, temperatures are too cold, sunlight too dim, and water too scarce and susceptible to freezing to support growth. A corky barrier is formed between each branch and each leaf stem. This cellular membrane blocks the flow of nutrients into the leaf, which also stops the leaf from making new chlorophyll. Chlorophyll production slows and eventually stops. The old chlorophyll begins to decompose, and when its all gone, the leafs green color lifts. In the absence of chlorophyll, the leafs yellow and orange hues dominate. As sugars become trapped inside the leaf by the trees sealant, red and purple (anthocyanins) pigments are also created. Whether by decomposition or by freezing, all of these pigments eventually break down. After this happens, only browns (tannins) are left. Effects of Weather According to the U.S.  National Arboretum, heres how the following weather conditions at each stage of the leaf growing season work to the benefit or detriment of  foliage come September, October, and November: During spring, a wet growing season is ideal.  Drought conditions during the spring (the beginning of the leaf growing season)  can cause the sealing barrier between leaf stem and tree branch to form earlier than normal. This, in turn, can lead to an early shutdown of leaves: Theyll drop before theyve had a chance to develop fall coloration.From summer into early autumn, sunny days and cool nights are desirable.  While adequate moisture is good during the early growing season, it works to mute colors in the early fall. Cool temperatures and abundant sunshine cause chlorophyll to be destroyed more rapidly (recall that chlorophyll breaks down with exposure to light), thus allowing yellows and oranges to be revealed sooner, and also promoting the formation of more anthocyanins.  While cool is best, too cold is detrimental. Freezing temperatures and frosts can kill thin and fragile leaves.During autumn, calm days prolong viewing opportunities.  Once the autumn season arrives, l eaves need time for the buildup of chlorophyll to entirely fade and their dormant pigments to fully take over. Gusty winds and hard rains can cause leaves to fall before their full color potential is reached. The conditions that make for spectacular autumn color displays are a moist growing season followed by a dry autumn with warm, sunny days and cool (but not freezing) nights.

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661 questions 1 and 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

661 questions 1 and 2 - Assignment Example Organization change initiative may fail because of the following factors; overloading priorities, whereby, managers tend to have divided loyalty on which responsibility to undertake first causing a change initiative to be unsuccessful (Clemmer, 2001). Overconcentration on achievements may cause organization change to be unsuccessful because organization may over concentrate on quality and achievement and forgets on conducting an assessment to determine whether organization is moving retrogressively or progressively (Clemmer, 2001). Additionally, a change initiative may become unsuccessful if managers delegate duties and give instruction without leading others to implement those changes (Clemmer, 2001). In above connection, lack of proper coordination and communication between managers and stakeholders within an organization may make a change initiative to become unsuccessful (Clemmer, 2001). I experienced a revolutionary change from childhood to adulthood whereby, I had to make decisions without relying on my parents. However, my parents could develop some resistance because they could not admit that fact that I had become an adult who can make his own decision. This story may relate to the stories of Kodak, Hewlett, IBM and Mc Donald’s in chapter one in the sense that, in both stories there are some forms of resistance when carrying out a change (Palmer, Dunford & Akin, 2008). The most common issues across all the stories are that there is some form of resistance to change. For example; in Kodak Company, the announcement of reducing amount of dividend paid to shareholders in order to adopt new technology was faced with a lot of resistance by all stakeholders (Palmer, Dunford & Akin, 2008). In above connection, the HP CEO Fiona experienced resistance from both staff members and family when she declared a merger between Hp and